Oscillating Locus of Control

We all differ in our perception of the control we have in life. Some tend to focus on their abilities, attitudes, and actions, thereby seeing themselves as in control of outcomes or at least able to influence them, while others tend to focus on the external factors and how those factors influence the situations that they go through. The first group has an internal locus of control, while the latter has an external locus of control. The question then arises, which is better for a believer? Continue reading Oscillating Locus of Control

The Schizophrenic Tongue of Liberty

One could go on about the double standards and inconsistencies of liberal ideals of free speech till judgment day. Time and again, the discussion around free speech proves to be fruitless and the romanticized notion of the subject is ever vapid and shallow.  Continue reading The Schizophrenic Tongue of Liberty

Can European Muslims Resist Assimilation?

The Charter of Principles of French Islam declares the religion to be compatible with France’s particular brand of secularism, laïcité, and its attendant values; in other words, it represents the subjugated and heavily privatised form of the religion that President Macron wishes to see. In January, a close advisor to Macron warned that Muslim organizations which refused to sign the charter would “see their operations inspected very, very closely by our services.”[1] The French Republic cannot tolerate Muslim difference: it aims only to homogenize and assimilate. Continue reading Can European Muslims Resist Assimilation?

British Muslims and the Challenge of Multiculturalism

Over the last 20 years, the Muslim community in the United Kingdom has grown to over 2 million people. According to significant studies, the increasing population of British Muslims is one of the main reasons for British success on the political and economic levels, as well as the continued development of British society. However, British Muslims are still viewed by many as an unfriendly or hostile minority causing trouble and creating schisms within British society. This article will examine the favourable and unfavourable perspectives towards British Muslims in the United Kingdom and will shed light on the efforts and willingness of the Muslim community to integrate within British society. Continue reading British Muslims and the Challenge of Multiculturalism

The GameStop Short Squeeze: An Islamic Perspective

Why did a seemingly ungainly retail video games shop cause such a tumult in the haughty egotistical world of Big Finance? . . . As the saga unfolded . . . more searching questions were raised about the volatile and often vacuous nature of the stock market in a capitalist system. The global capitalist financial structure often gets a free pass, as the alternatives . . . are simply ignored as being too coarse and impracticable. Continue reading The GameStop Short Squeeze: An Islamic Perspective

Daqīq Al-Kalām Revisited in the Age of Modern Science

In the past, our respected ‘ulamā’ have developed ‘ilm al-kalām to rationally explain the various arguments of ʿaqīdah (Islamic creed). This discipline was further classified into jalīl al-kalām and daqīq al-kalām. The former deals with basic questions of Islamic creed and the latter deals with natural philosophy. Daqīq al-kalām can be said to be our scholars’ best achievement in explaining the natural world under the tenets of Islamic worldview. Continue reading Daqīq Al-Kalām Revisited in the Age of Modern Science