Islamic Investment in US Healthcare

Medieval hospitals in the Islamic world were backed by endowments (Waqf), and the impoverished were supported through charity (Sadaqah and Zakat-ul-fitr). Though the endowment system in the Islamic world was mercilessly abolished due to imperialism and the imposition of secular law, faith-inspired care occurs in modern countries such as the United States. In 1995, there were 585 faith-based hospitals in the country, a number that grew to 726 in 2016. [3] One in six hospital beds in America is managed by a Catholic healthcare institution. [4] Muslims have similarly contributed to American healthcare through smaller organizations and individual efforts, particularly in developing free clinics and sponsoring relief trips for underserved populations in the United States and abroad. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) operates free clinics for uninsured patients in seven cities across the United States and has mobile clinics after Friday prayers. One study found that free Muslim-led clinics across the nation serve over 50,000 patients a year, half of whom are not believers. [5] Continue reading Islamic Investment in US Healthcare