A Very French Inquisition

The political establishment, left and right, perceives Muslims and their continued adherence to Islam as not only a danger to the French Fifth Republic but also an affront to French secularism known as Laïcité … As the state turns the screw on all Muslims through the passing of new draconian legislation, its experiment will serve as a blueprint for other European countries. Continue reading A Very French Inquisition

A Primer On Islamic Legal Theory (Uṣūl Al-Fiqh)

The best way to understand the object of the study of Uṣūl is to imagine yourself in the position of a scholar who is tasked with finding answers to legal questions. Before you embark on finding answers to legal questions, there are a number of preliminary matters you must determine. Continue reading A Primer On Islamic Legal Theory (Uṣūl Al-Fiqh)